Awakening the best in the human spirit.

“Dear Vinny, For the first time I met someone with a perfect blend of intelligence and freedom. Your aura not only attracts but also convinces your great presence. I thank you to have graced me with your presence. Being associated with you will be my greatest pleasure."

Ramanjit Singh Sahota (Sikki)

“Dearest Vinny, The Lord is always leading and guiding your path to better and brighter future. You definitely walk side by side with Angels. The Lord truly has put you on the right path and in the place to accomplish the tremendous work that is in your heart.”

Claudette Johnson Berry

“You have positive vibes.”

Raman Mangat, Isha teacher

"Hi Vinny, We all were glad to receive you in our college. It was really a blessing for us to be in your company, as it will imbibe in our mind. Your presentation and your presence was really amazing. I would like to be in your contact in future also. I wish u all the best and may God keep showering his blessings on you." With love,

Dr Shashi Wahi Khullar

"Dear Ms Vinny Garg, On the behalf of Centre for Entrepreneurship Education & Development (CEED), we wanted to express our appreciation to you for taking time from your busy schedule for the “SURGE 0.1” at Chitkara University. It was really a splendid Program held at 3 States with 5 workshops, 6 panel discussions and 10 keynote addresses, 50+ CEO/Founders/Experts. All the participants appreciated and got benefited from your experience about startup and entrepreneurship. We hope it was a positive experience for you as well. All this has been possible due to your unconditional support in making the event successful. Again, we wanted to extend wholehearted thanks to you for your kind support. Looking forward for your cooperation & continued support for the development of entrepreneurial ecosystem in future as well.” With Thanks & Regards,

Dr Adarsh Kumar Aggarwal

"Dear Vinny Madam, you are a great mother, mentor, teacher and a leader. You taught me not only about yoga but also how to live a better life. Your valuable insights on how to manage the physical, mental and emotional aspects of our health will serve beneficial throughout my life. May almighty bless you and your family and give you a long and healthy life."

Danish Rasool